August 2019 Chapter Meeting Notes

August 22, 2019


Lunch (12:00-12:30)

  •   Sponsor— Legends Garage Door

Call Meeting to Order— (12:30 — 1:00)

President Welcome — Sandy Baber

  • Recognize new members or visitors

  • Board Committee meetings are open to members, we require an RSVP,

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NARPM National Report—Sandy Baber

  • RMP Designation — Kelly Kowalski

Ethics Review — Sandy Baber

  • Please review the attached NARPM Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. At each meeting we will review one section as a reminder of promoting a high standard of business professionalism.

Secretary's Report — Kim Ayers —June's minutes published on blog- Motion to approve (no July Chapter Meeting).

Treasurer's Report —Jamie Rosen - $9,917.13 as of 08/21/19

New Business — Sandy Baber

  •   Thank you, Volunteers for October NARPM Convention - Dawn (email)

  •    September Chapter Meeting — Sept 19'

    • Steve Schultz —Acquisitions — Learn the answers to the 5 most commonly asked questions about purchasing a property management company or a property management portfolio. Plus learn how to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that could arise in the purchasing process.

    • Team Up Meet Vendors. Win prizes. Learn growth — Ian Parkin/RentZap

Membership Report— Kristi Zundel/lan Parkin

  • What's happening in Membership

  • Team Up!

Elections of New Officers - 2019

  • Candidates for Slate - September 2019

  • Elections October 2018

  • Are you interested in participating on the Board or Committee Meeting level? Contact Kim Ayers at

Social — Steve Kaiser

  • Social Events

Affiliate Update — Eric Evans/Mike Hoffman

  • Update on sign-ups for Team Up September 19th

  • Sponsorship opportunities/Affiliate Membership

  • Lunch Sponsor- Legends Garage Door

Today's Class

  • Steven Schultz - Tenancy - NARPM Designation


The Property Manager shall act in the best interests of his other property management Firm.


  • 8-1 The Property Manager shall not have any undisclosed conflict of interest with his or her Firm. If a conflict or potential conflict should arise, the Property Manager shall notify his or her Firm immediately.

  • 8-2 The Property Manager shall not receive any form of compensation, rebates, or any other benefits without full disclosure to his or her Firm.

  • 8-3 The Property Manager may not take or use any proprietary documentation, including but not lim­ited to Client/Tenant lists, during or after his or her relationship with a Firm without express written consent from the Firm.

NARPM Antitrust Statement:

It is the policy of the NARPM to comply fully with all antitrust laws. The antitrust laws prohibit, among other things, any joint conduct among competitors that could lessen competition in the marketplace. NARPM's membership is composed of competitors; they must refrain from discussing competitively sensitive topics) including those related to pricing (such as rates fees, or costs), individual competitors or specific business transactions, or controlling or allocating markets. Further, NARPM shall not restrict members' ability to solicit competitors' clients or to advertise for business in any way that is not false, deceptive or otherwise illegal.

Brian Coughlin